Had to share this photo

No need for words. I know why the didnt vent outside. No ventilation & a slate roof. Thats my flashlight on the wall in case you are wondering.


85106 Cleve 034 (Small).jpg

They obviously intended to install the vent—and it’s not the deed, but the thought that counts.

At least, that’s what I tell my wife whenever the football game is on.

Someday I’m going to get to watch the whole game…

You just keep on dreamin’, Jae. Like my wise ol’ grandmother always told me, “Dream like you’ll live forever. Live like you’ll die tomorrow.”


Being that you are a Bengals fan watching the whole game would be entertaining.

Being a Browns fan having my wife ask me to do something is actually a favor as watching a whole Browns game is painful and a waste of my time.


Go Buckeyes & Cavaliers

Even when my teams are down, as a fan I’m always watching or listening. But I do get more marketing done during losing seasons than I do during winning seasons. Oklahoma (6-2) at Texas A&M (8-1) tonight, so I’m getting everything done now so that I can focus on helping the Aggies win tonight.