Had to sue an ASHI chapter for claiming ASHI is the largest inspection association.

We wrote ASHI several letters asking them to stop misappropriating our status as the largest home inspection association, but our requests were ignored.

Read the lawsuit here: http://www.nachi.org/documents2012/ASHI-false-advertising-suit.pdf

We are also suing numerous individual ASHI members who are falsely advertising that they belong to the largest home inspection association when in fact, they are not members of InterNACHI.


Well, there’s no doubt in my mind who has the biggest…one. Home inspector association, that is.:smiley:

We even sent them our membership numbers along with signed affidavits. They keep claiming that InterNACHI isn’t the largest. I guess their members like spending money on defense attorneys. We’re suing a bunch of them and their webmasters.

I see they have changed the wording now.

Get em Nick!

What do you mean? Who changed their wording and from what to what?

InterNACHI is the largest in terms of membership benefits: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm
InterNACHI has hundreds of approved courses: www.nachi.org/education.htm
InterNACHI’s website is 235,000 pages long.
InterNACHI gets almost all inspection-related traffic and has received nearly 100,000,000 hits.
InterNACHI is the largest geographically with operations around the world.
InterNACHI publishes dozens of inspection textbooks: www.inspectoroutlet.com
InterNACHI’s message board recently got its one millionth post.
InterNACHI has procured about 500 vendor discounts for its members.
InterNACHI has published hundreds of inspection related articles in multiple languages: www.nachi.org/articles.htm
InterNACHI has been awarded over 1,000 governmental approvals.

It’s not even close.

I wonder why they’re proposingto change their SOP and title of their COE.


C. adhere to the Code of Ethics of the American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI® Code of Ethics for the Home Inspection Profession.

By its wording, ASHI is providing a code of ethics and inspection standard for the profession … not simply its members.

This could be an acknowledgement that there are inspectors who are not members of ASHI (including many members of NACHI) who publish that they inspect by ASHI’s standard … thereby reinforcing it as an industry standard and not “association” specific.

It could also take into account that, today, many inspectors who belong to any association will often belong to more than one.

My friends, sister is this guys sister in-law. I don’t know him.

Looks like the National site just gave up their claim to being “Oldest and largest professional organization for home inspectors in North America” (still in Google’s cache as of now) for the puffery based claim of being “North America’s oldest and most respected professional society of home inspectors”

Nick, How long has interNACHI been the largest home inspector association? This isn’t exactly a new development is it? Hasn’t interNACHI been the largest home inspector association for some time now?

For at least 5 years. We’re going to make examples of a few unlucky (and soon to be broke) ASHI members who have been false advertising by claiming to be members of the largest home inspection association (InterNACHI).

So, what you are saying is… they are all receiving invitations to become InterNachi Members, and the Chapters to convert to InterNachi Chapters as a settlement to the lawsuits???

Frivolous lawsuits are wrong … no matter who files them, IMO; however it will be interesting to see how warm of a reception your partner and your valued NACHI member, Thornberry, gets as he represents NACHI, you and his gimmicks at the next ASHI convention. :wink:

At first, I thought this was similar to a silly boy’s locker room argument about who is biggest. But then my staffers chimed in. Some of my staffers have worked for InterNACHI since they were children. They worked their entire adult lives to make InterNACHI the biggest and the best. They take pride in working evenings, weekends, and holidays. It isn’t just a job to them. Despite ASHI having a 20-year head start… those staffers helped InterNACHI win. It’s like winning the Gold Medal in the Olympics for some of them. They work really, really hard for members and we have to defend their honor.

Our membership application doesn’t ask about previous memberships in other associations. ASHI members upgrade to InterNACHI every day of the week. Can you really blame 'em?

This is more like it. :roll:

So, when will the suit actually be filed?

It was filed 2 weeks ago and we got service on them on Thursday.

More lawsuits coming. We’re going to play “Let’s see who wants to spend the most on defense attorneys” game.

And what are you actually going to accept as “settlement”, assuming they wish to settle???