Had to sue an ASHI chapter for claiming ASHI is the largest inspection association.

Thwey may have chanced their claim now, but with my secret site NOTHING on the net can be removed. Look at paragraph #2 YOU CAN RUN, YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU SURE CAN’T HIDE.



Time to let all of the real estate agents know also. Perhaps a few media articles in RE magazines. Many of them state that they use ASHI inspectors exclusively, because they are the largest HI association on the planet. I try to correct them, but they are simply clueless.

Inspectors are tired of their basic, minimum HI standards, and their involvement in getting the standards OK’d by state law.

Pit Bull Nick. Wait in the wings, then attack.

I agree, I have been saying this for years. Also I have had this convo with many other inspectors here. It is time for some good Public awareness and to set the story straight. NACHI is the largest Home Inspector Association and also has superior education available to all of their inspectors. Maryland Home Inspection Services is a member of InterNACHI the largest Home Inspector Organization in the world.

Jim Keilson

Maybe the time has come to limit membership to only one national association, A$HI has long ago lost any edge they once held in the marketplace. :-k

Maybe the time has come to limit membership to only one national association, A$HI has long ago lost any edge they once held in the marketplace. :-k

I think you guys woke up Dan Harris over at IN.:slight_smile:

After the latest “Thornberry fiasco”, where the Ethics committee of the organization made a majority decision, then was overruled by one person, one has to question the “professionalism” of any organization in which this can occur. :o

That never happened.

The Ethics Committee made a “ruling” regarding a COE violation (that ruling can’t be changed) and they “recommended” a course of action. I and others then leveraged both to greatly benefit our members.

So it wasn’t you alone who went against the Ethics Committe.


Not sure what benefit I received out it. Care to share?

No one went against the Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee made a ruling regarding a COE violation. That ruling stands. Only they can overturn themselves.

Nick, lets be serious,

You chose not to implement the recommended sanctions of the ESOP, right?

What good is a ruling if the sanctions are not implemented?

The violator gets to continue as before.

The COE is diminished.

Wrong. It wasn’t a choice. There are many reasons that particular recommendation couldn’t be followed: it took away a precious benefit from members (we absolutely can’t do that), it didn’t protect certain members, it was not enforceable in real terms as it could be circumvented, it wasn’t technically possible, etc. Look, if you recommended I send someone to the moon, I’d have no choice but to not follow your recommendation. We don’t have the technical ability to do it. We don’t have a rocket. And we certainly couldn’t do it if it harmed thousands of members, even if we had a rocket.

That’s interesting. But not very.

Similar sanctions have been implemented in the past.

Equating the sanctions to a moon shot is more than a little ridiculous.:roll:

Those very same “benefits” are available without leaving the ability of the offender to post on this MB.

I’m curious, and I’m sure many others are too, what “precious” benefit would have been taken away if “we” would have followed the ESOP committee’s recommendation(s)? Which s I understood was a 1-year suspension.

Also who is “we”, or as you said “others”, that makes the final decision after an ESOP committee ruling?

One of the main purpose of this message board is to engage vendors so that members can find out which vendors treat members well and which vendors don’t, which products are good and which ones aren’t, which services make sense to purchase and which ones are a waste of money. All of the potential customers of those vendors are here. The popularity of this message board applies pressure to our industry’s vendors to improve their products, their services, and their treatment of InterNACHI members And it just doesn’t benefit the active message board users… it also benefits the many members who watch those interactions. The system works. It is one of our members’ most precious benefits and one we can’t risk diluting.

Those are valid and to the point questions, and should receive such a direct and valid answer…


Even if the ethics rules were found to be violated, at least by vendors, as it now seems they get preferential treatment over other members.

I realize it is perplexing. But perhaps this will help you see it my way: I don’t give a rat’s wazoo about vendors. If helping InterNACHI members requires me to destroy a vendor… I’ll do that. If helping InterNACHI members requires me to make a vendor rich… I’ll do that.

I don’t see it as a money issue or destroying a vendor issue. I see it as an ethics violation issue where the recommendations of the committee were overruled.