Hail Damage??

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4625  West Bryce Lane 11-24-10 005.JPG

4625  West Bryce Lane 11-24-10 006.JPG

Looks like extreme age from here. :wink:

How do you get that much rust on galvanized where it hardly ever rains?

Yes on the Age Michael, 15 years old or so, two layers. But this area had some pretty intense Hail last month and there were pock marks all over.

I do not see Hail Damage very often here. :slight_smile:

(not rust, just worn off paint on the Turbine Vent)

That is pretty much what my roof looked like in June after 1" hail got me. Would like a large pic tho -

Did you notice any dents on guttering, ac, metal flashing, trim, etc.?

And the best part is no one here is getting a new roof soon. http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2010/11/30/20101130phoenix-hailstorm-arizona-roofers.html

Darn border patrol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… looks like very intense hail damage. Random pattern is key.