hairline crack in poured basement wall leaking


My mom pointed out a hairline crack to me starting from the top of the basement wall leading all the way to the floor. Last night during a rain storm she could see water coming through the crack but not enough to pool on to the floor.

After reading several discussions on here about this, is it safe to assume we need to find someone to repair the crack from the outside of the wall, not fill it in with some kind of sealer?

Thank you!

Yes, typically that is the way to go, after it has been determined that it is not a structural problem.

Thank you!

outside is the way to go for sure…


I beg to differ.

Hairline vertical cracks are not structural.
An injection repair from the inside is just as good as an outside repair, most companies doing these repairs guarantee their work and the cost would be quite a bit cheaper that digging up the yard.



Why is water getting next to the foundation? If the lot is properly graded, the eavestroughs (gutters) are in good condition, downspout extensions are four feet or more long, water should flow away from the house. Look under the decks too, especially low ones, there may be nothing to prevent the soil from having eroded away.


I beg to differ.

Without knowing the cause of the “hairline” crack (is it REALLY a hairline crack?? The poster did not give ANY details of the crack itself), one cannot prescribe a ‘proper’ repair, as Larry inferred above.

Is it a shrinkage crack, settlement crack, failed footing crack, the first stage of a more serious condition crack, etc… ???

A licensed and qualified foundation contractor should evaluate for corrective action.