Hairline vertical crack, block basement wall

Here’s what a home inspector sometimes sees on the inside of basement wall
…ummm, a hairline vertical crack

Same area, down low…where they’d see, get water in, where the bottom of basement wall and floor meet

The left side of house is where it leaks, where the crack and a few other exterior openings are

Same crack you saw inside, on the outside (cracked parging)


Waterproofed and backfilling with almost all gravel

Cost a little over $1,000, 20 years transferable guarantee from someone who has been doing duh job for 30+ years, yes it matters.

$1,000 ish VERSUS how much if somebody got bs’d into an interior drainage system, huh? Inside chumps would have charged more than that!
And, duh, water would still be entering the dumb blocks.

What was the honest, correct means of stopping the water from where it was entering and did it break the bank? shttt come on people.

Would raising the grade more and sloping it away have waterproofed the dumb crack? Nope, never does.

The incorrect thought process and observation would have been to tell a homeowner to not worry about the hairline crack, its too small etc and to tell them incompetent crap like, most leaky basements can be solved by raising and sloping the grade.

Marcel/others may scratch noggin on this, ‘Hydroclinker’, LOTS of luck buddy

Can ya dig that jazzy background music. loool

Safe Basements… really? Safe huh, okie dokie is you say so must be true.
Then we have this incompetent crap, block wall, wall anchors being installed.
First 40 or so seconds of video, bottom blocks not in so good shape, leak due to exterior cracks in that area of block wall and these clowns and many others talk people into wall anchors and an interior system? loool Notice they say and show nothing about sealing the HOLES they just created on the outside of the block walls!@!@##@@!!

As usual with these interior basement system companies, they did NOT relieve, reduce ANY exterior pressure, weight, cause(s) of cracks, bowed wall, nope.
And they CREATED more exterior openings in the wall for water to enter into the blocks, yep.

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