Halogen puck lights

I am getting so tired of writing these up and suspect many inspectors do not even bother.
Who sees a safety hazard here like I do?


Tell me exactly what is wrong here.

Besides the “Made in China” label?

Try the first word for a clue Doug.No not “made”.:slight_smile:

That whole sticker just screams law suit. Portable, but they give you the screws to attach it to your cabinet. Keep away from combustables, last I checked most cabinets are wood. And this all comes packaged with a beautiful UL listing. Who leaves these stickers on anyway, they look awful.
I dont believe that lamp cord wire they come with is aloud in the wall. But most important where was it plugged in at?

Very good.
You get the Gold Star, Mark.
They are also double insulated.(running through Greenfield)

I am new here,What I have been reading is great stuff. You guys are on point. Keep up the good work.