Hampton Roads VA Ride Along

I am looking for a Virginia Licensed Inspector to help me with my twenty-five required ride-alongs. I searched the Mentor database, but they all live 2-3 hours away from Virginia Beach; it would be a six-hour drive to their location and back; not counting the time at the inspection.
I tried several Hampton Roads Virginia licensed InterNACHI members, but no luck there.
Is there any InterNACHI members who are licensed in Virginia willing to take me on ride-alongs in the Hampton Roads area (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk)?
I have completed thirty mock inspections for several of my Realtor contacts; complete with detail/summary reports and pictures.
Even if I can have someone review my reports and sign off, that would help as well.
Thank you,
Jack Pulliam

It has been six days; is there no one who can help me?

It’s always hard to find locals who are willing to train their competition. You’ll probably need to find someone outside your service area and get a hotel for a few days.

True; closet InterNACHI mentor is 3 hours away.

I did do 30 no fee inspections. Complete detail/summary reports with pictures.

If only I could find someone to review and sign off?