Handicap Beware

Passed by this house for sale today and could not believe the ramp for handicapped access. One would think the realtor would have least said something to the sellers about this. I know I would not want to be pushed up and down that ramp especially if I pissed off the person doing the pushing.

How do you know they didn’t?

http://www.nachi.org/comsop.htm#14 14.4 Route of Travel 2.3

You are right Michael… Should have wrote one would hope the realtor said something to the seller

I would hope so too.

If the home is sold to a non handicapped the fix is simple. Remove the ramp and close the rail or add stairs.

I would not trust the ramp shown in any case.

I saw the brochure and its being advertised as a handicap ready home, would love to see the inside. I’ll have to drop my card off at the open house or realtors when I can

Perhaps it is a home for a mother-in law

Yours or mine :wink: