Well is it long enough??

Once you get some feedback on your photo then we can concentrate on this one :slight_smile:


No and the iron one doesn’t even look parallel to the stair.

Seems to lack continuity. :wink:

Is that an optical illusion?

That hand rail is fine Michael.:mrgreen:

You are correct M Larson, I am sitting here at the base of the stairs waiting for clients and it is not parallel.

No, it isn’t long enough.

Doesn’t it depend on the length of the person’s arms and grip strength while falling? :slight_smile:

That’s what she said!! :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, we got that one solved…now would you report anything on the driveway shown below?


Slight grade may need cable system

Certainly slopes away from the structure. :mrgreen:

Here’s a common find.

043009 198.JPG

043009 198.JPG

Photoshopped photo.

Of course it is…

But this one sure isn’t:

But a fun one anyway:).

Nor this one: