Handyman roofing

How do you like this install. Nice drainage and this is a flat roof with negetive drainage.

No permit, warranty and the house & garage look about the same.

Garage built in 2000. Reroofed in 2003 to match house. DUMB

100607 042 (Small).jpg

100607 043 (Small).jpg

He should have used vinyl siding at least that would have matched the walls.

Hey, come on, you have to give him a A for effort.

Did you lift those shingles to see what was under them, and how they were attached?

Unless you determined otherwise that could be roofed with an appropriate material flashed properly at the wall, and the shingles adhered to it for cosmetic purposes…

I had his twin brothers house today… and he was in the middle of doing this. I advised the purchaser this was not the best practice, but he thinks the owner is doing him a favor with reshingling. Even though the owner is not flashing the roof at the wall and he is using regular shingles on a flat surface.
The main part of the house he had already finished shingling… a third layer on the roof with no vents. I also pointed out the mildew under all the soffits They were on their third beer and ready to go on the roof to work on it when I left at 6PM. Some peoples children…

They might allow that in Ohio, but in florida you cannot use shingles on a flat roof.