Handyman special

This was a classic handyman special.

There where numerous issues with the sub panel.

What is classic is how they ran the service wires to the sub. I love the plug picture.

The home had a FPE panel and there where no additional breakers.

I added a picture of an appliance control center. This is the first one of these I have seen. Each outlet has a seperate reset. It killed the power but wasnt sure it still worked.

Being that this home needed a sparky I recommend him to look at this.

I also thought the A/C shut off box on top of the data plate was also a classic install.



no need for an electrican to evaluate. Just tear the whole mess out and start from scratch

Dang…I don’t know where to begin commenting on those images…lol…I will just let the silence be your guide…thehehe

Who knows what else has been done in the same way. Not just the electrical but I wounder how many new walls or possible structial walls that have been removed or altered. If the guy did the electrical you know he was swinging a hammer too.

So they fed the subpanel from a receptacle with 120 volts? The receptacle must be protected by a 15 or 20 amp breaker, technically making the subpanel unnecessary, (unless you consider the Stab-Loks ha ha). So if the box was gutted, the neutrals and grounds separated and some bushings snapped in to those knockouts it would probably be legal.

In other words…refer it to a licensed electrician and don’t even begin to define all that is wrong if you are a HI in this panels case. Simply say it needs review by a licensed electrical contractor and saves you alot of time.