Happy 233rd Jarheads

Semper Fi my brothers!

Semper Fi

It’s a wonderful life. It’s a wonderful day to celebrate.

Too bad more people don’t remember.

Semper Fi!

Thank you to all Marines for your service to The United States Of America. Canadians appreciate you too.

"They served with Pride and Honor
Although our Country would not see."

Rest assured, that will not happen again.

I still think this is one of the greatest quotes on Marines:

And this one ain’t too bad either:

Remind me to share the letter Gen. Mattis gave all of his Marines the night before crossing the Iraqi border in 2003.

My daughter, at the academy, told me that their class (2012) had a 50 year link, Col. Ripley, for whom the dorm at the Naval Academy Prep School is named.

This guy was a true Marine hero.

Anyway, Elizabeth met him, talked to him and shook his hand. The next day, she was discussing the concept of death in her English class and the class received word that Col. Ripley had passed away during his visit to the Academy. They had a big memorial service.

This was last week.

This has really affected Elizabeth. She now has a much deeper understanding of service, duty and honor.

Boy, can Marines teach!

Attached: Here current picture. Please excuse a proud Father. :wink:


That apple fell far from your looks tree, Will! ;-);-);-):smiley:

No, Really, congrats. Big time.

John, Mike, et al., sincerest birthday greetings from a USA / USAF Nam era veteran.

BTW, great quotes, Mike!

OK, it’s March 19, 2003. A close personal acquaintance is standing on the south-eastern side of a sand berm in the Kuwait desert. This Marine Captain and his company of Marines have prepared for the coming days. They are well aware of the possibility of impending gas attacks and have their NBC gear at the ready. The communique below has been distributed and the Marines quietly prepare for battle and reflect on the CG’s message. Sometime after midnight on March 20th the command comes down…Move Out…and the history of the world is forever changed.

CGMattis letter.pdf (124 KB)