Happy 420 day.

It’s legal here.

Heh heh heh heh

I guess we know where everyone will be today. I’d hate to be workin at the Waffle House.:mrgreen:

what about those poor bastards at Krispy Kreme?:stuck_out_tongue:


Got any skunk weed?

Happy 420

Should save all that air fair to Amsterdam.

Where is here?

What are you smokin’?:stuck_out_tongue:

caught you on video :mrgreen:


What is the significance of 420 besides April 20th?

Living in Cannabis central and do not know?

How old are you?


Don’t put on an act. At your age, I’d be really surprised that you had no idea what 420 means.

Me claiming ignorance toward what 4 20 is was as believable as Nick claiming that it’s legal in Boulder.

didn’t it have to do with a group of students at high school in California who coined the phrase for their favorite time to…?

GET THIS THOUGH… APRIL 20 1889 is also Hitlers Birthday… now that is harsh…