Happy Birthday Barry Adair!

Hope you have a great Birthday Barry !!! :smiley:

Happy b’day Barry!

Happy Birthday Barry.

Best wishes for a great day Barry.

Happy BD my bro:D:D

All the best, Barry…:smiley:

Happy B-Day B.A. :smiley:

Happy Birthday Barry. And thank you for all the advice I’ve gotten from you.

Barry -

Happy B-Day. Just wish I was there so I could take you over to the Million Dollar Saloon and buy you a …

Gosh we envy you … To have lived thru the changes you’ve seen in your lifetime that most of us younger inspectors on this board have never been thru.

To have been there when they invented electricity, having running water inside a house, to see the 1st car and not have to do a home inspection on horseback where it took you all day to get from Garland to Anna and back, the invent of a telephone so you could stop using your telegraph.

Lord Barry - You’ve come a long way and seen so much.

Your Bud up in KC

Happy Birthday Barry. :smiley:

Hey, Happy Birthday buddy. Hell, you must be catching up to me. :wink:

May you have many more to come my friend. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Barry!!!

Happy B-Day Barry. May you enjoy many many more to come.

Happy birthday BA