Happy birthday Billy B.

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Billy

Can I assume your avatars will now begin to look more age appropriate to the profession?

Bwah ha ha !

Happy Birthday, Billy. Enjoy.

:DHappy Birthday Billy and nice to have you with us. :slight_smile:

Thanks a million everyone! I got one more year to enjoy my thirties now. Any advice? :slight_smile:


Happy birthday!

Since you asked,:mrgreen::wink:

Turning 40 used to be synonymous with being over the hill, out of date, and just generally old. Forty is the new 30! You have lots of living ahead of you and lots of time to bring your dreams to fruition.

It is, however a natural place in your life to sit back and take an objective look at your life and evaluate the path you have taken.

Sitting on the doorstep of 40, you may very well start to look at your life and ask yourself that loaded question: Is this where you had hoped to be at 40?
If the answer is a big NO, then let"40 Things to Do Before Turning 40: Do Something Good for Future You" give you insights on the essential things you might have been missing out on before you turn 40 such as:

Attitude that Never Complains:
More Positivity
Beautify your Experiences
Before 40, Be Calm and Eat The Pressure
Acquire New Achievements And Goals In Your Life
Rebuild Your Goals
End The Boring Life
Grab The Dream While You Are Still Young
Go Beyond In Your Work
Valuing Fitness, Health And Family
Avoid Your Unhealthy Life
The Element Of Having A Career
Get a job that you desire
Keeping Life In Even
Throw Away Stress
Strengthen Your Will
Learn to Love Yourself
Defy Fears
Throw a Normal Life and have A Special One

What you had envisioned for your 40 year old self when you were 16 may not be anywhere near to where you are right now; and let’s be honest; it might be better that way!

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Always date women at least 10 years younger. :smiley:

That was my making hay time.
You want to get to forty don.t you. HA HA HA.

Happy bday Billy.
All the best and many more.
From a 57 year old fart that wishes he was thirty again.

Gees Chriss. They don’t know squat yet.
Now when you are fifty that works out just fine and double the ten year younger thing for every decade added on to your life after that.
You will die a tired but very happy man.
Opps., forgot. That’s if Mr. Johnson can keep up with the demand.:wink:

Yes it’s all down hill from here so eat right and exercise. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday to you. \:D/

Do the things that make you happy!
If you exercise, eat right and take care of your body, you have another 20 years before you have to work hard to keep it from going downhill.
Exercise your mind on a regular basis and with a little luck, it will last as long as you need it to.

-Kenton 60