Happy birthday Billy B.

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Billy and hope you have a nice day. :):smiley:

Happy Birthday Kid :wink:

Happy Birthday Billy.

Have a great day.


Billlllyyyyyyy Happy B-Day youngster…Best Health to you and your family.


Happy Birthday, Billy!

Happy Birthday and lots of inspections, Billy! :slight_smile:

Have a good day Billy

Have a good day

Happy birthday Billy!!! It was a pleasure meeting you in Indy this weekend. Another great fellow in this industry and I am not proud to call you friend !!

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Thanks a lot everybody! Finally officially over the hill I guess. 40 is the number right? :slight_smile: Nice to meet you as well George. By the way guys George is the real deal and full of great info. I made a friend for life as well and I hope to see him again soon. Nathan yea you had your hands full no need to make my birthday even more on your plate. Great show tonight. Look forward to seeing what you and your team have in store for us next year.

By the way everybody not sure if Nathan and Spud Webb are personal friends or not but that was very cool getting to meet and hang out with the legend tonight. Thanks Nate!

Happy B-Day… I hope forty isn’t over the hill :slight_smile: