Happy birthday Bob Elliott...

Go have a “Beef” and enjoy the day!


Hope you have a great birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Bob!!

Happy Birthday, Bob! I hope you enjoy many more.

Watched Cubs lose with a good meal and better woman so turning 58 was actually pleasurable.

Happy Birthday Condo Bob!!!

Hey Bob… Have a great bday.

The name Elliott is s derivative of a Gallic name that was once written Eliyot.
I’ve been able to document this to the year 1304 in London England. I thinking this is not of much use to anyone other than ourselves on the MB.
Considering there were as many people in England as there are certified home inspectors today… that’s pretty remarkable.

Take care of that heart.

Happy Birthday Bob!!!

Elliott… Happy Birthday Bob!!

Birthday cake.jpg

Happy Birthday!!! Bob

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Happy birthday Bob!

Happy Birthday Bob.

Have a Great Day… :smiley:

Happy birthday!

Happy B-Day Bob

Happy B- Day Bob, wishing you the best my friend.
You are one of the good guys and I am proud to be friends with such a class act…


Enjoy your birthday, Bob !

Thank You Gentlemen.
Stepping out with the lady for a free meal.

Nice warm weather so going downtown tonight on maybe 2 hours sleep here then two jobs tomorrow and back to reality.

Happy Birthday Bob.

Get some strength in that arm…for next time.

Happy Birthday!