Happy Birthday Cameron Anderson!

Happy Birthday! Many more to come!


Happy birthday Cameron.

Thanks guys. It’s been a good one, I fixed my mower deck and got some grilling accessories. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday and wish you many more.
Hope you had a good day. :):smiley:

Happy B-Day Cameron. Many more to follow.


Happy Birthday Cam!

Thanks you guys, you’re some of the best people I know.

Happy birthday Cameron! Hope you had a great day, looks like I’m a day late. Inspector Outlet will be sending you a big box of birthday goodies. Please email your shirt size and shipping address to sales@inspectoroutlet.com.

Happy birthday Cameron…

Thanks Russ. :slight_smile:

And thanks to Inspector Outlet for the goodies. :slight_smile: Being a member of this organization is without a doubt, hands down, no-brainer, the most important step any inspector should take. The benefits seem to never end. :smiley:


Happy belated Birthday, I hope it was a Happy one!!

Happy Birthday Cameron.

Happy belated Cameron. Here is to many more.

Happy belated birthday Cameron. I hope it was a good one for you.

Thanks again guys. :slight_smile: