Happy Birthday Dale Duffy .....

Be careful around all those candles…


Happy Birthday Dale!

Jim… looks like you beat me by a few minutes… http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/happy-birthday-dale-duffy-86827/

Are we talking carbon dating?

Happy Birthday, Dale…and many more. :smiley:

Happy birthday Dale.

Happy Birthday Dale.

Have a great day!! :smiley:

Make sure they get a permit for those candles!!

You’re still a youngster in my book. I hope that you have an enjoyable birthday.

Happy Birthday Dale.

You The Man Dale! Have a great one!

Happy Birthday my friend and may you have many more.

Hope you had a good week end Thanksgiving and Birthday combo.

Can’t put those candles on a cupcake anymore, so hopefully someone got you a big Cake. :):mrgreen:

Joyeux Anniversaire Dale!

Happy Birthday Dale!!!

Happy birthday Dale:p
I hope you have many, many more:D

Have a great day Dale.

a really big cake…

Well there you have it, no more room on this Birthday Cake.



Hope you had a good one.

Happy Birthday Dale!

Thanks Guys, I appreciate it.