Happy Birthday, Gerry Beaumont!

Way to go, Gerry!

Is it true that Gerry is really the oldest member of Nachi ?

Happy birthday mate!!

One of these days I would like to share a beverage with you!!


Hope you have many, many more birthdays.

Not while I’m alive!

Happy Birthday Mate!!!

Have a great day.

just a rumor then is that it?

Happy Birthday!!! Gerry

Happy Birthday Gerry…

Happy Birthday to one of oldest (um, I mean first) members. Gerry is one of our original founders. Thanks Gerry and happy birthday!

see i knew he was really old…:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Happy birthday Gerry.

35 again???

Hey Gerry.
These young guys apparently don’t know the story about the Young bull and the Old bull standing on a hillside overlooking a field of Heifers.
The young bull says “Yahoo I’m gonna run down there and get me one of those heifers!!!”
The Old Bull replies " You go ahead, I’m gonna walk down and get’em all.

Happy Birthday!

Hey Gerry! Wank this! Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday Buddy, looking forward to having another cold one with you and chatting.
Over the hill yet? Don/t worry, it’s all downhill from there. :);):mrgreen:

Happy Birthday Gerry

Happy Birthday Fella…

Well, here’s to many more…:smiley:

00007094 (Small).jpg

if there is a cake, someone will have to call the fire department:D

I have the Jaguar XJ ready… To take you to the King… Burger King that is…:smiley:

Your on the list to be Knighted… Do you want a “whopper” with that…

Happy Birthday…

From the sod… Go on then… “Get on the piss”

Well, I am sure there will be more than three times the 16 candles he wishes he had. :mrgreen::twisted: