Happy birthday Greg Bell.

Without you, we couldn’t have launched our first www.nachi.tv episode!

I remember that.

Thanks Greg and happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Greg, and you other guys, too. :smiley:


Am I the oldest around here at 52.8 :shock:

Happy Birthday Greg.

Happy Birthday Greg
Have a good time and remember life is short

Happy birthday Greg.

Happy B-Day Greg!!!

Happy Birthday Greg!

Happy Birthday Greg!

Happy B day:D:D:D

Thank you all very much. Nothing like getting another year older.

Happy Birthday old man.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Greg

Congrats on surviving another year

Happy Birthday



Happy Birthday Gregg, and may you have many more to come. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Greg, and enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday, neighbor!

Happy birthday Greg!!

August 14 = VJ Day.