Happy Birthday GURU!

Paul W. Abernathy was born today 1969,… ahhhhh learning the electrical side of our profession would not be as much fun without him! Happy Birthday Bro.

Three gun salute! :smiley:


1969 was a good year Paul, Had a good Graduation on June 6th. ha. ha.



Congratulations Paul

Happy Birthday :smiley: :smiley:



Happy B-Day Paul!

Happy Birthday Paul.

Birthday greetings Paul all the best to ya…

Happy Birthday young’en!

Best wishes Paul!:smiley:

Happy Birthday Paul!

Wow…I had no idea anyone knew my Birthday…lol…Thanks Guys…

Happy Birthday GURU



Wooo Hooo. Happy Birthday Paul. A Burger and Fries for you.

May all your holes be birdies. May all your drives be straight.

Best to you.

Happy Birthday and many more,GURU.

Best wishes on this day son.

Yes I said son because you are 40 days older than my oldest.

Yup Guru is definately a pup. Happy birthday kid

lol…Thanks Guys…I gotta run and get a diaper change…:wink:

In a few years I may need to do that too. It is funny how life recycles

Happy Birthday Paul…