Happy Birthday Jim Bushart...

Hope you have a great day !!!

Have a GREAT day,

Happy Birthday Jim. Thanks for all your contributions to our organization.

What if… the hokey-pokey is what it’s all about?

Happy Cake Day!

I second that. Happy Birthday Jim!

Jim, I had no Idea bro. Happy B-Day and best wishes to you, and a BIG thanks for all your help over the years and your contributions to the industry and helping to make it a better profession for all…:cool:


Happy Birthday Jim!


Happy Birthday Jim.

Have a great day.

Enjoy what I hope is a special day!!

How did Jeffrey know it is his B-day ?

Happy Birthday, God Bless and I hope you have many more

Happy Birthday, Jimbo!

Thanks for the well wishes and kind words, guys. It’s been a special day, indeed. Thanks, again.

Happy Birthday Jim!

Happy Birthday Jim!!

Happy Birthday Jim!

All the best!

Happy Bday Jim!


Joyeux Anniversaire Jim!

possibly the same way I did…on farcebook…
Happy Birthday Jim