Happy Birthday Joe Burkeson

Happy Birthday Joe. Have a great day.

Hey, Joe … Happy birthday, man. Enjoy your day.

60 is twice as good as 30. :smiley:

You bet!!!

Happy Birthday Joe.
Thanks for your selfless contributions to our INACHI brothers and sisters.

Ditto dat!

Have a great birthday Joe!!!

Happy Birthday Joe. It’s all downhill from here… :wink:

Happy Birthday Joe.

Have a great day old guy…:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I shipped you a full case of www.nachi.org/now books. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday Joe! Hope it’s a good one. :slight_smile:

You’re halfway to getting on the Today show. :wink:

Have a blast Joe, many happy returns of the day. I hope I get the chance to wish you every year for the next 100 years. :smiley:

60? OMG, Okay, a little food for thought. From here on out, all roofs are to be inspected from the ground. If your walker gets tangled up in your ladder, it’s going to be ugly!
Just Sayin…Have a happy one!

I agree:D

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Joe.

I’ll give you a Democratic Presidential victory for your B’day… you just have to wait until 2016 for it.

Happy Birthday Joe. The older you get the quicker the next one comes. Scientific fact.

Happy Birthday Joe. I hope Nate took good care of you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday, Joe!

The best to you and yours…:smiley:

Happy Birthday you Atheist Heathen.:slight_smile:

Don’t hurt yourself carrying them into the house Joe :wink:


Happy Birthday