Happy Birthday Joe Ferry

Happy 60th Birthday to NACHI Counsel Joe Ferry.

In addition Mr. & Mrs. Ferry are also celebrating their 26th year of matrimonial bliss today.

=D> =D>

So Joe; worried about remembering your anniversary date? Get married on your birthday and its a cinch.:roll: Welcome to the age of trust. It used to be we didn’t trust anyone over thirty. Now we don’t trust anyone under sixty. Times do change. Happy Bday and my sympathies to your wife.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder John
Glad for you Joe now do not forget to ask for your Seniors discount every little bit helps .
Roy Cooke

Oh, the Old Gray Mare…she ain’t what she used to be…:wink: :wink: :wink:


How did I manage to miss this thread? Sant’ Anton, does it start immediately?