Happy Birthday John Shishilla!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. I am sorry you have to work today. But thankful there is work to be done! :smiley:

Happy B-Day John! Yes, it is good to have work for sure. I’m leaving myself. Have a great day.


Happy Birthday John!:smiley:

I hate working on my birthday, but, I’d rather be working than not!
Guess you will just have to celebrate when you get home! :smiley:

Happy Birthday John…

Happy Birthday fellow Cappy. I’m three days behind ya’! PARTY LIKE IT’S 2012!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Happy Birthday John. Sorry to have missed you last weekend, but I’ll see you this weekend.

Happy b’day John, see ya at radon class

:DHappy Birthday John ! :smiley:

Thank you all. If I didn’t have inspection scheduled I’d be working anyway.

Happy Birthday John. It was nice meeting you and Michelle in WPB this past weekend. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday John!

Happy birthday John!

Happy Birthday John, Many more!

Happy Birthday John, and may you have many more to come. :slight_smile:

Ditto, John…

Thanks Gentlemen!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN…Michelle, you better treat him right after a long day of work:)

Happy birthday John

Happy birthday John! - The only thing worse than too much work is NOT ENOUGH!!

Happy Birthday John!!