Happy Birthday John Shishilla...

Hope you have a fantastic day !!! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday John. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday my friend. God bless you and yours.

Happy Birthday John

Happy Birthday

Now go unwrap your new software

Happy Birthday John!!! What can I ship you?

Thank you all for the wishes. Nick thanks for the thought. I have not been able to find an AR lately(5.56). Just kidding of coarse, you do enough for me, thank you.

The bull**** with that was my office manager(not Michelle) called me today because a client wanted know how I turned on the power at an inspection I did(where was the main panel). I went to my computer while at an inspection and guess what… I couldn’t open the report. Luckily after seeing a picture of the front of the home I remembered where the panel was.

Happy Birthday John!

Thank you Dominic

Happy Birthday John. All the best!

Happy birthday John! I’m shipping you a whole box of stuff from Inspector Outlet, you’ll be seeing it shortly. :smiley:

Happy Birthday. May Michelle spank you to your heart’s content. Party on. :mrgreen:

Thank you James

Thanks Nikolai, Nachi Crew and Nick

Stephen, how did you know that is what I wanted?:twisted: