Happy birthday Marc Beauchemin.

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Marc!

I phoned him!


Thank you for your best wishes Nick, Jeffrey and Gilles!

It was a nice calm and sunny day here on April 23rd and I was called in by an engeneer and some architects with my thermal imaging camera, given the complete protective clothing to assess mold contamination on a multimillion building project that had been shut down by the Quebec CSST.

I felt like I was in the ET moovie! Actually I was glad I had taken the NACHI mold assment contamination education.

As we mature, we tend to appreciate things that we too often take for granted.
Thank you for reaching out to me and this proves that we at NACHI are exactly what a family should be! Les fêtes portent octaves! This means that like musical notes, celebrations are made to last! Party on!

(By the way, as the protocole dictates, I had to surrender the outfit as we left the premises!). At least I was the first and last one to wear that outfit.

Joyeux anniversaire!

Happy Birthday, Marc!

Happy Birthday Marc

Happy birthday Marc! Inspector Outlet is going to send you a big box of goodies. Please email your shipping address and shirt size to sales@inspectoroutlet.com. I hope you had a great day!