Happy Birthday Marcel Cyr...

Hope you have a fantastic Birthday Marcel !!!:smiley:

Happy Birthday, Marcel.

Happy Birthday Marcel . have a good one with a big lobster dinner

You and Wayne on the same day.Happy Birthday Boss Man.

Marcel, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday sailor.

Is it true You are now officially older than dirt?..Happy Birthday Partner…

Happy Birthday Marcel!!!

best wishes, Marcel!

Happy birthday Marcel!

Well, I might be getting older than dirt Jim, but still on the right side of it. :mrgreen:

Thanks guys and Happy Birthday to Wayne too.

No lobster, but did have my cake and eat it too!

My wife brought me my own Strawberry covered Cheese Cake.

Man was that good. :):wink:

I would like to the great ones arrived on the same day lolol, or Perhaps landed .


either of you guys born in 1947 ?

Don’t think so Bob, why?

Happy Birthday Marcel!

Congrats, another one under the belt. Happy Birthday Marcel.


I lucked out. :wink:

Bob bob bob
Have seen Marcel’s picture i would say more like 1966:mrgreen: