Happy birthday Michael Larson.

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Mikey, how will you be celebrating?

Happy Birthday Mike!

Geritol, Advil and a nap. It there’s still time after that, he might soak his teeth. :wink:

Have a good one.

Wow , Happy Birthday .
I will try to be more understanding now . I am always nice to OLD guys

Not today. It’s a gorgeous Spring day in Minnesota.

I can almost see Mikey now… http://youtu.be/9YI83Hb6GKU

Happy Birthday Mike… enjoy !!! :smiley:

Loved Laugh-in.

Tiny Tim, not so much. :wink:

But it is gorgeous today. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Happy birthday

have a good one Mike

Mikie and me sharing the same month unreal. :shock:

Happy BD

Holy crap! What are the odd’s of that?!! :roll: :mrgreen:

Charley is much older than I am :wink:


I’m prettier I wear a red hat and the women like me:D

Does your wife know? :wink:

Sure she really is the only one that does and sometimes that is doubtful :wink:

You need to turn on your charm Charley :wink:

Happy Birthday Michael.

Happy birthday Michael

Since Roy is not going to wish a happy birthday, I will. Happy Birthday, Larson!