Happy birthday Michael Larson!

Happy birthday.

You beat me to it Nick!

Happy Birthday Mikey!!! :smiley:

And many more to come !!!

Happy Birthday Micheal

Happy B-Day Mike.

What did you get from Wayne?

Happy Birthday Mike

Happy Birthday Mike and I am curious too what Wayne sent you. :mrgreen::wink:

Happy birthday Michael! You have a big box of goodies coming from Inspector Outlet. Please email me your shipping address and your shirt size.


Happy B-Day! Mr. L

I was thinking Depends lol but then again pirce was 54 bucks, So i got him the same thing i got him last year

Happy Birthday, Mike. I hope you’re blessed with many more. :slight_smile:

Happy B-Day Mike… Was I late? #-o

Happy Birthday Mikey!


Forget what Wayne sent him, I want to know what Nathan sent him…:shock:

I couldn’t resist.


A little bird told me, but right now I just can’t recall, check with me later. :smiley:


Happy Birthday Mike!

Teachers pet! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Michael