Happy birthday Michael Larson!

Have a Good One Mike, and many more…!!

Happy Birthday Mike.:wink:

Thanks everyone.

I had a great time with family last evening.

My gave me birthday card that when you opened it, a fire engine siren played. funny stuff.

Too many candles on my cake, I guess :wink:

Happy belated B Day Mike.

You read my mind. Here is my guess. www.dogdoo.com

That is an actual site btw. I’ve mailed dog ***** from that site to people. It never gets old…

Happy birthday!

Did you sign the card? :wink:

The signature is where you get creative. People start to get really pissed when Obama starts sending them dog $ H I T.

Here is my Birthday present.

“Mikes arguments over the last 6 years have changed my opinion”

Obama Sucks

Happy Birthday

Happy Belated Mike!


Glad you had a good time.

Is it Mike’s birthday or April Fools Day? :-k


Happy Birthday, Mike. I am sending you a complete set of the Nickeleodeon Classic Cartoon “The Wild Thornberrys” :mrgreen:

I thought that was on Comedy Central??? Oh, Right! :wink:

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Perhaps a copy of the book about himself that he self-published and handed out to people for free a few months ago … on a two-ply roll of scented ultra-soft single sheets.:wink:

Happy belated. I appreciate your wit!


I can hardly wait.

Is is family safe? :wink:

Happy belated Birthday, Michael.

Don’t worry guys, you can catch me next year if I’m still around :wink: