Happy Birthday Mike!!

Mike Zwerin,

Your doctor called me to ask if I would remind you of your visit to his office last year after your birthday party…he said that you went to see him regarding getting heartburn after eating your birthday cake. Again he wants you to remember to take off the candles this time!:shock: :wink: :mrgreen: ](*,)

Happy Birthday dude!

Happy Birthday Mike

Enjoy the day

Mike where is the party?

Happy B-day to you, Happy B-day to you…

How many candles do you have on that cake, 25?

Hi to all,

Congratulations Mike, Happy Birthday

Best wishes


**Thanks Boys!!! :cool:

'twas a very nice birthday indeed – just got back from dinner at my fave sushi restaurant & had a big ole chocolate cake too;

It was made even better with this kewl little surprise.:mrgreen: