Happy Birthday Nick.

Happy Birthday, have a great day.

Have a good one!!

All the best Nick!

Happy Birthday Nick! Make yours a Great one!

Nick Gromicko…
One Hell of a TERRIFIC Guy!:stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday Nick! \:D/

Happy Birthday Nick

Happy 21st Nick. I will be 21 again this year as well!:wink:

My sister-in-law was married on this date in 1979. The next day we read this in the paper.

Have a great birthday Nick!! And a heck of a great year!

Happy Birthday Nick!

Happy Birthday Nick!

Nick have a great day. Hope you have many more.

Happy Birthday Nick. I think you could have had a heck of a Pay Per View with Paige, Lisa, Val all lining up for the good old spanking machine…in their birthday suits :shock::mrgreen:

As they say in France Happy Bidet Nick. :smiley:

You sure know how to cheer a guy up on his birthday!:shock:

Here is a story from one lucky soldier that got off of that flight.

"I was on that plane the flight before it crashed! I was on my way to basic training, landing in Chicago on American FLT191.

I then got onto an Eastern Airlines plane and went on to South Carolina. When I called home to let folks know I had arrived, they were all screaming and at first I couldn’t figure out why. “What do you mean, my plane crashed?”
I didn’t have any idea what had happened until the call home.

All they knew was that FLT191 was on my itinerary and that it had crashed in Chicago.
Needless to say they were very relieved when I called.

It’s still sad to me as I can to this day, visualize that flight attendant who was very nice to this scared kid on his way into the world." [RIGHT]–Bob[/RIGHT]


Belated happy birthday

Happy B-Day Nick.

Happy Birthday Nick . . . thanks for all you do for us home inspectors at the ripe old age of . . . think I saw this posted somewhere . . . 21!

so It’s official…Nick is now older than dirt!!!..way to go Nick…keep on keeping on …jim