Happy birthday Russell Hensel!

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Russ!

Happy B-Day Russ!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Russ!!!

So… what’s the truth??? According to FB it’s not until tomorrow!!!


Happy Birthday, Russell!

TY all and Facebook is the root of all evil. I would never put my actual birth day on those sites…

Happy Birthday Russ, hopefully you guys are getting some sunshine down there today.

Happy B-Day, I’ll send you a coupon for a burger:D

Happy birthday, Russell. Hope you are taking the day off!

Happy Birthday Russ!

Happy Birthday Russell.

Happy birthday Russ. :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday.
back to work.

Happy Birthday Russell! Enjoy, Many More!

Happy Birthday Russ

Hey Russ thanks for taking my call today and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Happy B-Day Russ

Another Old guy
Happy birthday