Happy Birthday "StuccoBoy"...

Happy Birthday Carl! Hope you take the time to have an awesome day! :smiley:

Ditto…Have a good day Carl…share your present Jeff is sending, there is enough for friends, (or enemies) I’d bet…:shock:

Carl, Happy Birthday!!! Have a GREAT day!!!

Happy Bithday, Carl!

Happy Birthday Carl!

Do you get frosting or plaster on your cake?
Stick in your finger and taste it first.:slight_smile:
Happy Birthday!!!

Carl will definately be sticking his finger in! :wink:

let them eat cake…

Happy Birthday, Carl

Thanks guys!

I am very careful where I stick my fingers.

with the cake Jeff has provided it would take a mixer full!!!

check the last one to reply thread lately??

Happy Birthnight stucco king. Mix it well.

the partys over get back to work…

Hope his birthday gift did not suffocate him during the night. ;):slight_smile:

Happy birthday Carl.

what party??

there was a party ???

You missed the party ?

Carl must have had one too many Jim. :slight_smile:

I kinda doubt that…but i on the other hand …

She made him do it.

Dam everything is big here too!

My monitor died last night and I bought a new one this morning.
23", Man, you should see how big Carl’s Birthday present is now.

I would have started drinking just for that prize.

They say they look better after a six pack. :mrgreen:

I don’t think a tanker full would be enough for that partner…