Happy birthday Troy Pappas.

Happy birthday Troy.

Happy birthday Troy you low down marketer you…lol

Happy birthday Troy!
How old are you now ?

Cheers Troy!

Happy Birthday Troy.
Drink up, don’t be a quitter.

Happy Birthday Brother, congrats on your success. Hard work pays off…

Happy Birthday Troy !

Happy birthday Troy. Have a great day!!

Happy Birthday, Troy!

Happy Birthday Troy. Enjoy the day.

Happy B-Day Troy, may you have many more and most of all Good Health.


Happy birthday Troy. I hope it’s a great day for you.

Happy b"earth"day troy!

Happy B-day Troy. I hope Nate got you something nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Joyeux Anniversaire Troy! Glad you didn’t get stuck under that house… :smiley:

Now that I have people like Nate and others showing me how to run a successful biz, I can get myself something nice :slight_smile:

Three jobs and a great dinner out with the family tonight.

The afternoon crawl was special!

Kudos…I’m glad you had a great day…or at least night.

Lol looks like that here every day . hope you had a great birthday . Take it easy you are getting older you know .:wink:

I get a lot of those here, too. Fortunately, I bring a*** Daniel*** with me.

28 yrs young, Five foot ten, 120 pounds soaking wet. Haven’t found a crawlspace I cannot stick him in yet! :wink: