Happy Birthday

Guess what Folks we have a Birthday boy today.
Mr Sean Fogarty
Now he be able to Buy beer. I am getting him a razor he be needing it soon .

Wayne, when did you start speaking ebonics
Ebonics Translator
he be needing it soon

translates to

da nigga be needing da thang soon

Still “green behind the ears” at 33 y/o.

Happy Birthday, young pup!!!

Happy Birthday Sean.

LOL Linas
you do know where i live do you not.

Besides i knew you would know what i meant. Linas

I missed this while wandering aimlessly up in CT this week - Happy Birthday Sean.

I am NOT going to let you kick the ladder out from under me for your present though, no matter what Wayne told you :wink:

Al in CT/TN

Happy Birthday Sean

Thanks to all.

Happy Birthday Sean!