Happy Home Manual

I got my order of the Happy Home Manual today. It is a very good book congrats to Keith on a job well done.

Carl, are you just saying this because we’re both Brits and trying to re-colonize America?
Seriously, I’m really proud of the manual. I give it to my clients as a house warming gift, which impresses agents, and I also refer to it directly in my reports. Cheers, Mate.

Oakley would like to know if he can be in the security section of the next edition

IMG_0989 (Small).JPG

IMG_0989 (Small).JPG

Bailey is a house-cat compared to Oakley. I intend to continuallly update the manual, so maybe Oakley has a chance for fame. Take care, Mate.

Why is *****cat being *****'d?

Wendy buy Keith’s book you will see what we are talking about


Congratulations on your new book. I know what it takes to get a book complete like this.

Happy Christmas and look forward to catching up at the next conference.


Cheers, Michael. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Wendy, I talk about security in the manual and included a picture of my dog Bailey, who barks like mad if a leaf falls. Anyway, Carl would like his dog, Oakley, to have a chance for fame. I had referred to Bailey as a pxxxycat, but the word got bleeped by the BB so I had to “edit” it to read “house cat.”
Just two Brits being silly.

Here’s a new idea.
Today I was at an inspection but my client (a doctor) was called away on an emergency, so I left the Happy Home Manual with his agent. While I was driving home, my wife called me and said that the seller of the home called my office to say that he was looking through the manual I left and was really impressed. He asked if he could get a copy.
Guess who he will use for his inspection.:smiley:

Hi to all,

I got my autographed first editions of Keiths books today (eat your hearts out) :mrgreen:

I gotta tell you that I have had draft copies on my desk for a couple of months now, but the final look and feel of the books is fabulous.

For those of you who leave clients homeowner manuals, this is the one to use, those of you who don’t should think about it (especially for first time buyers).

You can order here: http://www.nachi.org/happyhome.htm

Keiths “Inspect & Protect” book for home inspectors should be required reading for all taking just 10% of his suggestions to heart would go a long way to lowering all of our liabilities.

And yes I am very bias :wink: Keith has done a great job.



Below pics of both books and my highly prized autographed copy :mrgreen:


IMG_0486 (Small).jpg

First: Thanks, Gerry. I have a hard time autographing the books. I don’t know why, I just feel silly. Besides, if you knew where the power and intelligence resides in my family you’d ask for my wife’s autograph.
Second: My website is taking a long time to come together, but I’ll be posting Inspect and Protect on it shortly.
Third: everyone should know that I respect and admire Gerry, and that I hope to be working with him on future projects for inspectors. Having said that, everyone knows that Gerry is the ultimate straight shooter and wouldn’t say anything that he did not believe to be true, (even for a fellow Brit) and neither would I. In fact, even reallizing how unpredictable people can be, I’m going to offer a sincere money-back-guarantee on the book.

How many pages are the books, respectively?

Thanks Keith. :slight_smile:

The manual has approximately 80 pages, including the roman numeral ones, and Inspect and Protect has approximately 92 pages. The most important factor for me was not the length of the books but the cost of producing them (I could have written ten times the amount). For instance, the manual is in full color and looks wonderful, whereas the text of Inspect and Protect is in black and white, and what photos there are don’t compare with those in the manual. However, in the case of the book, information and not pictures is what’s paramount for inspectors.

Keith, get me the info to advertise Inspect and Protect for you.