Happy New Year east coast!

Happy New Year.

Close enough for Pacific Time zone in N Idaho.
Chickens are tucked, I can hit the rack . .

Thank u
And a Happy New Year as well back @ ya…

What did you do to the chickens? You Idaho folk are strange…

Happy New Year Russ…:wink: :mrgreen:

Happy New YEAR!!!

Nick and everyone @ INACHI —Happy New YEAR!!!

Gary Oleski

Happy New Year…slept through another one

Can’t believe there are no college bowl games on Jan 1st! We should have switched time zones with Samoa. Happy New Year to NachiNation! Nick, you only have today to fix the stuff you broke while the staff was on holiday.

Happy New Year! I was in bed by 9PM.

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year, all.

Thanks Nick, Happy New Year to you and the staff. And no, I did not watch the ball drop, I was in bed at 8:30 to go to work at 6-12. :slight_smile: