Happy New Year to All

Be careful out there if you are heading out . But have good time
Me ? I am doing a report and getting over the flue

Thanks, Wayne. Happy New Year to you, too. :smiley:

Good luck with the flue…:frowning:

The flue is for old people!!!
Guess that’s why I have it too… Lol… Oh well
See y’all next year

Glad to see all you old guys with the flue are hanging on.

I feel great and shovel the roof tomorrow. :wink:

Happy New Year my Friends:)

Happy new years to y’all too!

May you all have a prosperous new year!

Happy New Year Wayne. Hope you get over the **FLU **soon! :wink:

What are you insinuating? He’s doing reports and his Christmas is running behind, too. :mrgreen::p:D

A the happiest of the New years to you Wayne.
Thank you.

Best of health and happiness to you, your loved ones and to all my InterNACHI colleagues.

Happy New Year everyone. Let’s really give it heck in 2014!

Have a safe & Happy new Year!