Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone !
The countdown is on.
8 days & a wake until I take the state board PSI exam . To become Licensed in the State of NH !
And 11 days til my 47th Birthday .:D:cool:=D>:-({|=

Going in I have a concern/ question?
MITES ! Not Bed bugs. Not Flees !
MITES !! Is there an inspection/ test to determine the presence of them?

Anything ?

A quick search on bing revealed there is all kinds of different mites. Have you tried search on bing or one of the other popular search engines?
This might help you.

I suppose I could. But apparently I worded it wrong? I’m trying to find out if there is a particular course/ training/ & test solely for Mites? Like we would do a Mold inspection/ testing , or a Radon? You know what I’m asking now?

PS Thank you very much for your reply… I was beginning to think there was a glitch where people weren’t seeing my post ! LOL

Happy New Year Darren.

Thank you Nick Gromicko