Hard Hat Sticker

Here’s the design for my hard hat sticker. Check out the company at : MyHardHatStickers.com

Why not make your own .
With a computer you make you can have it any size you want for very little money,
If you are using a Laser printer it should last a long time.
No laser printer then spray the a couple of coats of clear sealer on it before you take it of the paper and it will be water proof sealer and work great .

I considered it, time is not on my side. These are nice and clean and this type I got conforms to curves, as on a hard hat. I just got lucky today no work, so can catch up on some course’s and have started getting familar with Infraspection Institute and their course’s. Thanks for the Tip. And have you lined up in a couple of weeks with the tip you provided for Tip of the Week.

Have a good one !


I don’t wear a hard hat, but I do have a bump cap insert in a baseball cap.

Got you ! Have any snow up there yet ?

Not yet, forecast says maybe tomorrow though.