Hardi Rep phone number needed

Is it possible anyone has a personal contact number or email to a Hardi Rep. Got some siding in Seattle in need of looking at Contractor says normal wear and tear.

That don’t look like James Hardi to me.

Roy, why do you say that, I have talked to a number of inspectors, and all of our first call was hardi???

Reveal Panel System | James Hardie Pros

Access Denied

I had just never seen that from Hardi before.

Roy, Huh, it is not hardi because you have never seen this issue before.
Pretty poor answer.

James, have you registered at https://jhinsite.com/ ? Looks like all of their technical & support contact info is available there.

Yes, Michael…the client did. We were just hoping to get some one over the phone with thoughts, it is a process filing the claim. The want proof of purchase of the siding, but of course the contractor with not give that up.

I really thought you put me on your ignore list…Did ya?
If not! Do it now!..OK!

Never seen Hardi like that.

Nor did I but, James wanted to show his a*ss so I let him…

Roy, *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Look kids ! James is being silly again…:smiley:

888 J-HARDIE (1-888 542-7343)

Be nice to Roy!

Hope a hurricane comes and wipes Roy out. Guess he doesn’t get called out on piss poor answers much.

After this many responses you should be receiving some incoherent phone call from him. Depends on what time happy hour starts. :roll:

hopefully he gets picked for a DUI

All Roy and I said was that we hadn’t seen that hardi panel.

Get off your high horse and take an anti jerk pill.

I don’t drink.
I hope you both die of a slow, painful brain cancer…

No one needs pollocks anyway.