Hardware/Software/Insurance Recommendations

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I started my home inspection business late last year and I am currently in the process of setting up actual inspections during the early part of the second quarter. I need to know the best hardware/software available for conducting on site inspections and printing on site. Also, if anyone has information on the best insurance companies/rates available, I would like to hear from you.

I would deeply appreciate any comments/suggestions from experienced home inspectors who can provide me with any assistance whatsoever with the requested information above. Thanks. (Randy)

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Hi Randy,

Welcome to the “bull pen” try using this BB search engine to look at your topics, but for what my 2 cents is worth. I like Homegauge software, on site I use Fujitsu touch screen note book, my printer is cannon BJC-85 (but being realistic it would be easy to use any faster printer in the car through a power inverter). as to insurance that will vary by experience and location but look at the links on this sites home page.

Regards and good luck