I’m about to purchase Home Gauage software and would like to hear comments from users about what hardware their using. Tablet,PDA some combination.

I switched to Home Inspector Pro and would highly recommend it. I have had questions at 2am and Dom is usually still on the computer at that time. Programs are programs and they end up being what you make of them via templates or libraries or personalization.

Whether you choose Home Guage or Home Inspector Pro or InspectVue or any other program, do yourself a favor. Take a week off and work FULL TIME on your program. Put together all your templates. Make all your personalized documents. Get your program to the point where it will SAVE you time, and therefore money, and not COST you time.

Good luck.


See the other thread called “Laptop vs PDA”. It will give you opinions on both sides.

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Tim, I’m just using my desk top. I recently went from XP to Vista and the change over worked well. HG’s support and service is great too.

I guess I should have read the question correctly. This wasn’t a software question. That being said, I run HIP on an ASUS R1F tablet computer that runs Vista. I like the flexibility of being able to use it as a full tablet or laptop when I choose. Once I got my templates up and running, the tablet function became much more user freindly.

Hi Tim. The biggest decision is a tablet pc which can range from $1500 or so to $2500. Or any ole laptop xp or vista for 500-$800 and a Pocket PC for $300-$550. If you have a smart phone your half way there already;-)

Thank you for considering HomeGauge and we welcome your calls or any questions you may have.