Harper Woods, poured foundation wall cracks, leaks... got milk?

some realtors loolll, i asked 3 times on what the L Box number is before going over to help, they said YES Uncle Marky that’s the correct number. So i get here and can’t get in, why???

WRONG L box number!!! smfh

You want me to be state licensed and insured, you want me to be honest, you want me to be fair and not BS you into doing more unnecessary work like INT system co’s do BUT you can’t take 30 seconds to double-check the friggin L box number before asking someone to go over?

Let’s go inside basement n see what the heck is going on, been going for for many years

Quite a few cracks, leaks but they are only concerned about 2


SOME, not all home inspectors tell sellers/buyers crap like, 'Oh it’s just a hairline crack, it won’t leak… really? Duh.

Back inside basement, some of what an interior drainage system KNOTHEAD would tell homeowners to do

and lool back outside 1 more time, some of the OTHER cracks that won’t get waterproofed, the last crack you can see somebody slapped some crap over the top-part of the crack, well that’s fine i guess lol but doing that doesn’t seal/waterproof the rest of the crack that extends all the way down to the footing

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