Harry homeowner at his best

This is why I connect a short hose to the washer connection and run water.
Home had two washer connections one in the garage where the water in the pic is on the floor and one in a separate utility room. Must have been the same guy that stuck his screw driver on the lugs of the main breaker that ran these pipes had three leaks in a 10 foot section of pipe not counting the misdirection of the pipe and fittings.


I noticed the freeze protection device next to the plumbing…NICE if it works.
The lug screw on the main looks like some one got carried away with their strength.
Unfortunately, I’ve seen pipe hangers (pic#4) like this before.

Makes you wonder about peoples thinking processes…

Greg if you look close you can see the burn marks where the screw driver was shorted out to the frame around the main while trying to the tighten the lug bet there was a flash that blinded that guy.