Has any had a problem deleting Pictures

Flir infra cam has any got any ideas how to delete pictures . No sd card only a usb.
I have try deleting with the camera and with the usb
I get delete exception .

Slam it against a wall 3 times then try delete again. Sometimes they get stuck.

LOL i tried that.

Thanks! That did it for me too… but now I have a new problem:


Uh Oh!!! I was just kidding Bill.:frowning:

WOW!! That’s gotta be a thermographers worst nightmare!

LOL that was to hard of a tap
Called flir waiting for a answer.

Ha ha…
This is a crack in a plaster/drywall ceiling with cable heat.
Sure looks like a crack in the lens though! :wink:

Try this. Open the Flir software, Quickreport, then select move images instead of copy. The camera shoould clear itself and all the images will be on your cmptr.

I tried that Thanks though John
Anyway called Flir i have to send it in . about 500. i am going to get it serviced too
380 just to clear it, It is a firmware problem apparently